Site Locations

E=H started giving hope to one little girl in Ecuador many years ago and has since grown to give hope to thousands of children around the world, helping them break the cycle of poverty so they too can reach their potential.  We are located in: Ecuador, Haiti, Costa Rica, Rwanda, Kenya and soon to open in Madagascar.


Ecuador is a small country in South America along the west coast. Even though Ecuador is small, it has an incredibly diverse geography including the Galapagos Islands, the bright and sunny coast of the mainland, the snow-topped Andes Mountains, and the Amazon Rainforest. The cloud forest (different than a rainforest!) alone is known as one of the most biodiverse places on earth.

Not long ago, in the snow-caped Andes, a person wanted to help a child who was not going to school due to financial problems, even though Ecuador offers free education. In 2003, Founder Cameron Vivanco gave hope to Laura Farango at Carmen Bajo, Quito. In 2009, Education Equals Hope was founded in the United States. Now, Education Equals Hope is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization giving hope to children in communities around the world. E=H began with Laura. read more…


Haiti’s mountainous terrain led the Taíno people to call the land Ayiti, the land of the mountains. Despite boasting mountain peaks that reach over 8,000 feet high, the entire country is smaller than the state of Maryland. Nearly 11 million people call Haiti home, but roughly 80% of Haitians live beneath the poverty line and only about 60% of Haiti’s residents are literate (CIA World Factbook). To put this in perspective, imagine if 4.8 million of Maryland’s residents lived in poverty. Currently E=H gives hope in three areas in Haiti… read more.

Costa Rica (Community Action Alliance Education Program)

E=H has partnered with Community Action Alliance Costa Rica project that raises funds for sponsorships for students in San Ramón.  San Ramón is a lively Costa Rican city of almost 11,000 people, but the greater area has a population closer to 40,000. It is located northwest of the capital, San Jose. Costa Rica has a population of 4.8 million, and many of these people are immigrants from Nicaragua who fled their homeland during wartime in the 1980s. Roughly 21.7% of the population lives in poverty (The World Bank). Read more…


In the Musanze region of Rwanda, the Blessing School for the Visually Impaired gives children with visual challenges a chance for education. Children with visual impairment and other disabilities in developing countries like Rwanda face enormous challenges. At best, they are sent to a government school with sighted children in classes of up to 100 students. At worst, they are neglected and sent out to beg, seen as a burden to the family. There is a higher incidence of blindness in developing countries because of inadequate medical facilities and lack of treatment. Read more..


The Shekinah Glory Missions Centre began in 2008 to care for orphans and vulnerable children. It is located in Kitale in Kenya (East Africa). In addition to English and Kiswahili, there are 42 tribal languages spoken across the country. Education in Kenya becomes very expensive after eighth grade, so many poor and orphaned children cannot continue their studies. Read more…