Educating Human Trafficking Victims

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Casa Adalia is a women’s shelter in Quito, Ecuador and is one of Education Equals Hope’s project sites. As a result of high rates of poverty and unemployment and a lack of education, Ecuadorian women are at an increased risk for sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Casa Adalia’s main objective is to provide a haven for these women who have been through human trafficking, domestic violence, and other forms of oppression so that they may recover and thrive. Many of these women have infants or young children who join them, and Casa Adalia makes every effort to care for these children as well. These women are given hope through the opportunity for education and a team who derives their passion for caring from deep faith.

This team is currently composed of six volunteers who work from three to forty hours per week with the young women that Casa Adalia serves. Additionally, there is paid Ecuadorian staff for caretakers on evenings and weekends and an academic tutor that Education Equals Hope funds.

Your impact: 3-7 women a year and their children.  Below is a video about the program thanks to Fashion and Compassion, a nonprofit that supports Education Equals Hope.

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