Ecuador – Cristo Liberador

Site Description: Cristo Liberador is an Episcopal church that began serving the community of Comité del Pueblo about 30 years ago. It is Catholic in tradition and Evangelical in practice. The church is very careful in their practices so that they are not confused with the Roman Catholic Church. The community makes a special effort to evangelize and to ask people to renew their commitment to Christ.

Cristo Liberador pays special attention to the young people of the church because they are the most vulnerable. To make further connections with the youth, the church also tries to reach families. This is helping the community grow to be a healthier and more spiritually strong community.

Cristo Liberador wants to be a bridge between the Evangelical Church and the Roman Catholic Church.  They desire to grow slowly, but deeply, and share their experiences with brothers and sisterss. Cristo Liberador also has a dream to build a nursing home in order to help the elderly who are the most vulnerable and lonely.

Education Equals Hope at Cristo Liberador:

  • 14 students are receiving scholarships at this site.
  • 5 girls and 9
  • The average scholarship amount for each student is about $28.00 per month.
  • All 14 students (100%) passed the 2014-2015 school year.
  • 1 student (7.2%) needed supplemental classes to pass.
  • The student who took supplementary classes lives with 1 parent