Haiti – Cavaillon

Primary Contact Person:    Joyce Pipkin             Phone Number:    (803) 413-3128                           E-mail:   joyce@educationequalshope.org

Site Description:

Cavaillon is in a flat plain region of southwestern Haiti on the road to Les Cayes; it is  approximately 100 miles from Port-au-Prince.  Our mission is located in Anotte, a rural communal area several miles outside of the town of Cavaillon.  It is a very rocky, dusty, rough 20-minute ride by vehicle from the main road to the site of our mission.  More than 90% of the people in this area live on less than $1 U.S. per day, living off agriculture in areas with limited potable drinking water, no electricity, sewage system or medical facilities.

Generally in Haiti, only 76% of primary school-aged children are actually enrolled and less than 35% will complete primary school.  At the secondary school level, approximately 20% are enrolled; thus, the opportunity to attend school is highly valued.  Public schools represent 10% of the available education and although no tuition is charged, fees for textbooks, uniforms, supplies, etc. must be paid.  A variety of private schools make up the remainder of educational institutions; some are church schools, others are privately run and frequently staffed by non-certified teachers.

Ministry Description:

Our ministry in Anotte involves the sponsorship of Ecole St. Esprit (a private Christian Kindergarten and Primary School), together with a tuition sponsorship program for a group of orphaned Secondary school students and outreach to church members and the local community.  As part of these outreach efforts, we support and coordinate health education workshops, women’s programs and business development opportunities, as well as a Vacation Bible School program each summer for 200-300 children and youth.

In September, 2004 we formally opened Ecole St. Esprit and welcomed 86 students in 5 classes.  By the grace of God and thanks to hundreds of donors, our school celebrated its 10th year in 2015 with over 220 students in 10 classes!  In 2016 we added a class for P-8 students and hope to add a P-9 class in 2017 to complete the required Fundamental Education levels prescribed by the government.  Each of our teachers meet the Government Certification Requirements.  20% of our students are orphans who are cared for by relatives or church members.  There is no other school like Ecole St. Esprit for miles around the area of Anotte.  We give thanks for God’s provision through the generosity of our donors – “Bondye Bon”  (God is good!)

Each year we raise funds to pay the teachers of Ecole St. Esprit, provide a daily meal for each student and support the school budget to the extent funds are available.   Parents and/or guardians have been unable to pay any tuition and for many of these children, the hot lunch provided at school is the only full meal they will receive that day.

There are many other needs that are essential to running a quality school that we hope to fund in the future.  In addition, one of our goals is to receive a full Certification of our school by the Ministry of Education.  Our “Wish List” for Ecole St. Esprit includes:

  • Replacement of textbooks and supplies lost in Hurricane Matthew  ($8,000)
  • Ongoing support for the School Feeding Program  ($10,000-$15,000 / year)
  • Repairs to existing school buildings  (Est $5,000)
  • Rebuild Kindergarten Classrooms destroyed by Hurricane Matthew  (Est $20,000-$25,000)
  • Build Headmaster Office and secure teaching supply storage area (Est $6,000)
  • Construct security wall around the school property  (Est $8,000)

Our board members personally fund their visits to our ministry site 2-3 times each year; participation in these short-term missions is open to anyone who is interested. A variety of mission team activities might include coordinating children’s programs, health education seminars, medical clinic assistance, English language workshops, craft projects, home visits, painting/decorating classrooms and giving the gift of time to share God’s love and hugs with our kids!

The immediate needs for this ministry are PRAYERS and financial support to replace textbooks for all students, fund the school feeding program and rebuild/repair our school facilities damaged by Hurricane Matthew.

Samuel and his brother Jimmy, Earthquake and Hurricane survivors  Read more: