Haiti – Savanette

St. Jean Baptiste School Partnership   Savanette, Haiti




New Chapter in the Partnership

The first classrooms for St. Jean Baptiste School were completed 25 years ago through the generous donations of a church in Overland Park, Kansas, giving children near Savanette the opportunity to attend school for the first time! The church faithfully funded the teachers’ salaries until July 2015 when the mission leaders announced a change in the focus of the church’s international ministries.

Over the last 9 years, church families have generously supported the day-to-day expenses such as textbooks, basic supplies, and classroom equipment. In addition, faithful donors have provided a meal each school day for all students. For most students, this is their only meal of the day. This meal is essential to the health and development of the students and significantly improves their ability to focus on their studies. Because of excellent test scores, SJBS is now considered by many to be the top primary school in the Savanette area.

You can be a source of hope and encouragement to the children and their families by giving of your financial resources. Your support will make it possible for children to continue their education and over time take a leadership role in developing their community.

What does it cost to provide a quality education at St. Jean Baptiste School?

  • $25,300 annually covers staff salaries and textbooks for 9 classes: 6 primary and 3 preschool.
  • $21,500 annually provides a meal of rice and beans daily for all students.

Striving together with the people of Savanette, we can keep this partnership vibrant and set a firm foundation where all can thrive. Your gift of any amount will be a blessing.

Teams visit the school twice a year. In October 2013, we introduced the Leadership Initiative to the SJB staff. They have enthusiastically embraced the biblically-based principles and began introducing them to the primary students in the fall of 2014. The SJB staff presented the Leadership Initiative to 60 other teachers in March 2015 and last fall the SJBS teachers and students presented the leadership principles to the community through skits and songs. Teams will continue to encourage them as we strive to incorporate the leadership principles into the fabric of all our lives.

Past teams have shared ideas and supplies for activities for the pre-school classes, offered soccer clinics, painted the school building alongside the older students, introduced a drip irrigation system, and provided health & nutrition education and held blood pressure screening clinics.

Two other ministries help families generate income:

  • a goat program (with orphans receiving a female goat first), and
  • a microfinance program with business education and loan components.

We are also in the process of facilitating the introduction of a Haitian-led Community Health Evangelism program in Savanette and 4 other rural areas.

For additional information about this partnership and upcoming trips to Savanette, please e-mail Susan Meeder at Haiti Heart Connections.

We are extremely grateful that Education = Hope, a non-profit organization, has welcomed the St. Jean Baptiste School Partnership – Savanette, Haiti into the organization.

St. Jean Baptiste School Partnership Mission & Vision

Our hearts’ desire is to bring glory to God through an

interactive partnership that provides affordable

quality education in a Christian setting.

Long term, we pray that our continued commitment and

relationship with the children and families at the school

will be fruitful and produce godly leaders who are

spiritual leaders in their homes, churches and communities

and transform Haitian society for the good of all.