Les Cayes/Cavaillon

Les Cayes

Les Cayes is a seaport city located in southwestern Haiti.  Including outlying areas, the population is approximately 70,000 people.  Port-au-Prince is roughly 120 miles away.

Primary school tuition is generally between $100 and $250 USD each year and secondary school ranges from $250 to $450 USD.  Since 70% of Haitians living in the outlying areas of the country do not have regular jobs, paying for anything outside of survival essentials is difficult.  Many of these families make less than $3 USD per day.

Education Equals Hope’s program in Les Cayes provides financial sponsorship for the remainder of tuition and fees that a student’s family cannot afford to pay.  This amount varies based on the grade level, the type of school and the individual family’s financial situation.  Our onsite staff meets with guardians and parents at the beginning of each school year to assess their level of need for assistance.

STUDENT SPONSORSHIP BUDGET:  $25,000 per school year to support approximately 100 sponsored students attending a variety of schools, preschool through university levels.


Cavaillon is located in a flat plain region of southwestern Haiti on the road to Les Cayes, approximately 100 miles from Port-au-Prince.  E=H’s program is located in Anotte, a rural area a few rocky and dusty miles outside of Cavaillon.  More than 90% of people in Anotte live on less than $1 USD per day with limited access to drinking water and no electricity, sewage systems or medical facilities.

E=H funds the majority of the budget for Ecole St Esprit, a private school with over 300 students and a feeding program for three levels of preschool and primary grades 1 through 9.  In addition, E=H coordinates health education workshops, women’s programs and a Vacation Bible School program for approximately 200 children each summer.

SCHOOL BUDGET:  $50,200 per school year
FEEDING PROGRAM BUDGET:  $17,000 per school year

For orphaned students pursuing secondary school and higher education, E=H provides financial assistance for tuition, uniforms, books, materials and fees.  Each year 20-25 students receive this support and also receive a meal each school day from the Feeding Program.  Many of these orphans live with extended family members who already have their own children and have no means to pay for extra education.

STUDENT SPONSORSHIP BUDGET:  $6,000 per school year to support 20-25 students attending secondary school or higher education classes.