Uganda1In Uganda, we partner with Family Spirit Children’s Centre in Masindi. Family Spirit is an orphanage for children who have lost their parents due to death, abandonment, conflict displacement, and other reasons. Children living at the orphanage are able to attend a primary school that is run by the orphanage, but have no opportunity for attaining education beyond Primary 7 (approximately grade 6 or 7 in the United States) without the help of donations from sponsors.

Uganda2Secondary school education costs approximately $450-$500 per year in the Masindi area. This includes fees for tuition, uniforms, and other scholastic costs associated with attending public school in Uganda. Students who have successfully completed Primary 7 schooling are eligible for the scholarships provided by donors. These students will be sent to nearby secondary schools and will have opportunities to advance their education and brighten their futures that would not have been possible without the support of the sponsors


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