Whatever is Pure Ministry

1What we do:

We was a Christian charity organization that worked to help indigenous leaders and pastors in Kenya, Israel and India to cope with the orphan crisis .  We partner by aiding them in programs  established for the welfare and success of the children that are orphaned or in poor families in their community.  Now the founder and E=H have joined and she is now raising funds for E=H.

We do this by: Kenya

  • feeding programs for schools to provide one healthy meal a day to all students
  • Sponsorship programs for street kids to be given a change to be educated and loved in a Godly Christ centered orphanage
  • Purchasing of food needs for helps in orphanages under our bishop Benjamin Tanguli. (EX: seed funds, rental of land for farming for school foods, animal purchases: chickens for eggs, goats and cows)
  • Helps with encouragement for Pastors in need of school fees paid for their own biological children to be educated (sponsorship) as they lead orphanages and schools in their own home ministry and churches
  • Scholarship program for advanced senior orphans in our school The Gilgal School located in Kitale , Kenya for the seniors to consider enrolling in University with fees paid
  • Orphan Rescue Baby Program: WIP built an orphanage and home in Kitale Kenya where Bishop Benjamin resides.  He and his wife have adopted 19 babies that were found in the bush abandoned.  We have those babies in a monthly sponsorship program.

We do this by: Israel

  • We partner with the ministry Together for Israel and give to the Exodus project which ministers to the Jewish children who have immigrated back to the land . It is illegal to share the gospel with minors so we share his love in this after school program for the poor, providing food, and school supplies as well as warm clothing.