Hope Story Two Boys in Haiti

This is the story of two boys living in the countryside near Cavaillon, Haiti: Jimmy and Samuel Jajoute. The two boys lost their parents in the same year – their father died in the earthquake on January 12, 2010 (7 years ago today) at Port-au-Prince and their mother from a head trauma shortly thereafter. After the death of their parents, they went to live with their aunt. Their aunt has three children plus Jimmy and Samuel, so six people live in a house with two rooms. Their aunt has no job and must take care of five children. Jimmy and Samuel attend the St Esprit School and the food program at this school is a big support for them and their family. During Hurricane Matthew they lost all they had, so their situation after the hurricane is even more critical. However, they maintain hope because they continue to go to school to receive the best weapon to fight against their misery: an education. They say thank you to all of you who support them in their education and to E=H.
At E=H’s program in Cavaillon, donations pay the teachers’ salaries, provide children with food, and purchase textbooks. The school educates 280 children. Thanks to generous donors, supporters, and ambassadors, many children, including Jimmy and Samuel, have hope for a brighter future.

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