Help us provide hope, purpose and freedom for young women

​Casa Adalia

Casa Adalia is a haven in Quito, Ecuador for young women who have escaped adverse situations.

As a result of high rates of poverty and unemployment and a lack of education, Ecuadorian women are at an increased risk for sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Casa Adalia provides young women who have survived various forms of sexual exploitation and relationship violence with a place to recover and thrive. Many of these women have infants or young children who join them, and Casa Adalia makes every effort to provide these children with care and support as well.

These young women and their children are given hope through a team of staff and volunteers who derive their compassion from deep faith.

​History of Casa Adalia:
In the summer of 2009, Desire Treur Zova began to volunteer at a rescue center for adolescent girls sold into the sex industry and developed relationships both with the girls and the staff. Desire invited Debbie and Phil Douce along with others, to visit the girls on Sunday afternoons.

Together, they formed a dynamic team with the purpose of intentionally and relationally reaching out to girls in Quito, Ecuador who desperately need hope, healing and freedom. Their desire was to help the girls discover how much they are loved and valued and to encourage them to discover how they can live with purpose and in freedom.

Through volunteering and building relationships with the rescue center, the team was made aware of the desperate need for a “next step” home for girls who had gone through the initial rehabilitation at the rescue center and who did not have the option of living with their family. The team began to take steps towards working intensively with girls at risk of being sex trafficked or who have been rescued from the sex trade by starting Casa Adalia, which opened in December 2013.

Please donate to help us provide hope, purpose and freedom for young women who have been rescued from the sex trade and/or vulnerable situations so they can experience emotional, physical and spiritual healing and discover their value and purpose.