St. Jean Baptiste School

St. Jean Baptiste School in Savanette, Haiti

Savanette is located in rural southwest Haiti about 6 miles northwest of the coastal town of Les Cayes.  An eight-classroom building for St. Jean Baptiste School was completed in 1990, giving children in the Savanette area their first opportunity to attend school.

The school partnership, which transitioned to Education Equals Hope in 2016, centers on providing a quality education in a safe and loving setting for 9 classes: Primary 1 – 6 and Preschool for ages 3, 4 and 5.

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Life in Haiti

Life in Haiti is difficult!  This is the daily reality for the 77% of the population living in poverty and especially for the 60% who live on $2 or less a day.

The Brightside! Over the twelve years of visiting St. Jean Baptiste School in rural southwestern Haiti, we have seen the resiliency and perseverance of the beautiful Haitian people. They love and trust the Lord in all things – through multiple hurricanes & storms, civil unrest, chronic poverty – 60% live on $2 or less a day – and persistent struggles to feed their families.

HUGE MILESTONE! We celebrate with the leaders of St. Jean Baptiste School that Philo the final secondary grade level will be added in September!  What was only a BIG DREAM of the Savanette families is now reality!!  Tuition funds the basic expenses for the seven upper grades – another huge success for this impoverished area.

SJBS is the only school in the surrounding rural area to offer Preschool through Secondary classes – 16 grades!  We can’t emphasize enough how rare it is to have a quality primary school in the countryside and almost non-existent to have a secondary school in a rural area!  Less than 20% of primary schools are national schools and they have some of the lowest performance results.

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Ministry Site Coordinator: Susan Meeder

7th Graders in Class

The Headmaster of Savanette with two of our scholars