Volunteer Missions

Imagine looking at the Andes mountains while painting a church.  Imagine singing songs with children in Haiti.  Imagine playing ball with blind children in Rwanda.  Education Equals Hope organizes Short-Term Missions to our Ministry Sites.  If you are ready to take the next step to join us for one of these experiences, please contact the following Site Coordinators:

    1. Ecuador: Cameron Vivanco – cameron@educationequalshope.org
    2. Haiti Les Cayes/Cavaillon: Joyce Pipkin – joyce@educationequalshope.org
    3. Haiti Savanette: Susan Meeder – smeeder@gmail.com
    4. Rwanda and Kenya: Celeste Bundy – celeste@educationequalshope.org

Below you will find our Team Leader Procedures.

Task List: (All items in bold are forms that need to be filled out and sent in, others may just be collected by you as the team leader)

  1. Complete and send in Registration form to Site Coordinator
  2. Send in Initial Deposit form (found with the Registration Form) to E=H in Fort Mill, SC including a copy of the registration form
  3. All participants should fill in the application form from the Participant Packet
    1. Participant Applications have been filled out electronically and sent to team leader
    2. Fill out Information Sheet with all of the needed information
    3. Once all applications are collected send one email to: info@educationequalshope.org with all electronic applications
  4. Background Check, found in the participant packet
    1. All background checks have been notarized and turned into the leader.
    2. Leader should then send all notarized background checks to the E=H Fort Mill Office 30 days prior to departure.
  5. Waiver, found in the participant packet
    1. All waivers have been notarized and turned into the leader.
    2. Leader should send all notarized waiver forms to the E=H Fort Mill Office 30 days prior to departure
  6. Flight Form  or flight information should be sent to Site Coordinator
  7. Send in Team Interest Inventory (Ecuador only) to cameron@educationequalshope.org
  8. Second and Final Payments sent to E=H 60 days prior to departure date.  There may be an $85 late fee charged to your account if you do not pay 60 days prior to departure date.
  9. Minor Forms printed, signed by parents and in the hand of the team leader
  10. Passports must be valid for up to 6 months after the end of your travel.
    1. Make 2 copies of each passport–picture page open. Individuals need to carry one copy on them at all times, Team Leader should carry the other.
  11. Print copy of Medical Insurance Card and information and carry it with you

As May 1, 2018 anyone visiting Ecuador will be required to have medical insurance when entering the country.  Please see the newspaper article from Ecuador.

Payment Policies

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Email: info@educationequalshope.org
Phone: 803-431-8367