A message from a student in Kenya

A hope story from Kenya. My name is Delilah Musungu. I am 16 years old and I come from a very poor background. My parents are both alive but due to poverty, they are unable to support me. This situation forced me and my young brother to go out to the streets so that we could beg for food and ask for help from people in order to support ourselves and my parents.

I was hopeless and even became bitter about myself since I could not go to high school like other children in our village. There was no one to help me get to school because of the lack of school fees. I could not go to the Government school, where I was admitted, since the fees were too high and we could not afford them.

One day I saw a friend whom we schooled together in primary, she had already joined high school and she shared with me about her school called Gilgal takes care of the less privileged students who could not pay for school fees in the Government schools. She is also from a poor family and we come from the same village.

I went home and told my dad about the school which helps those in need and he came to Gilgal to ask for my admission, he was given the chance though he had nothing to pay. Thanks to God I am now in form two and I am happy to be in a school which cares and support people like me. I trust in God that I will continue getting the support I need to complete my education and join the University.

I am working hard In order to achieve my dream of becoming a nurse and in the future when I am through with my education at Gilgal, I will come back to support those children who are unable to go to school because of schools. Some of those students who have gone through Gilgal have come back to help and some are teachers in Gilgal like teacher Edward and Joseph not forgetting our best Agriculture teacher Mr. Edwin. They inspire us students.

Education Equals Hope supports students at Gigal.  Thank you to our donors, we give hope to children like Delilah who hope to pay it forward someday.  Please DONATE to continue to help children like Delilah.