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Help us to Give Education to thousands of children around the world.


Provide for the education of those living in desperate and difficult situations!

You can give hope to children in Costa Rica, Haiti, Ecuador, Kenya, and Rwanda. Last year alone we gave hope to almost 3,000 students around the world.

We are a team, founded by a committed group of volunteers, who are passionate about bringing quality education to children and transforming communities around the world.  We provide educational support for individual children, teens and adults and work to provide educational resources for entire communities in regions of our world that have suffered from poverty, crisis and natural disaster.

Many of our volunteers work and live or have lived in the communities we serve.  Every month 48 volunteers, just in Ecuador and Haiti, volunteer approximately 1348 hours.  It is because of their dedication, and the dedication of so many others that we have been able to give hope to students, their families and communities.

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